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This new ductile iron, flanged, epoxy coated swing check valve is UL listed and FM approved. Made for fire line applications this valve has resilient seats on both the disc and the body and comes with a full stainless-steel trim package, including the hinge pin. The stainless-steel package creates a long lasting valve designed for applications where exposure to elements such as a marine environment can be kept at bay for many years. Now stocked in a size range of 3” to 12”.

For more information or to place an order visit us online! Additional specs and information are listed on our website.

The all new Midland Industries 2020 Catalog is off to the printers! Don’t miss your chance to get one of the best gifts for the holidays! Excited? Anxious? Can’t wait till december to get your hands on a physical copy?! Well have no fear! We’ve got you covered! The 2020 Digital Download is available today! Click Here to Download it now!

Your all new 2020 Catalog will feature over 40,000 items from our family of branded products including Buchanan Rubber hose and couplings, MAF domestically manufactured brass fittings, AMC Retail and merchandising programs and much much more! I know this all sounds to good to be true! But it’s not! See for yourself and place your order today!

Our family of products is growing! Midland Industries would like to introduce all our new ductile iron valves and accessories. From a full line of AWWA C515 gate valves to ductile iron companion flanges and many things in between. Developed as a core group of products to service the waterworks, irrigation and plumbing PVF markets, these new products are available and in stock to ship from our centrally located warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. The butterfly valves come in size ranges of 2”-12” and have all the extensions and accessories that your job will need. Lift station project? Our lever and weight checks will keep your project moving along. We even have a UL/FM version for those who require a check valve in a fire line application. All new products may be ordered and shipped along with all of the other quality products that you currently purchase from Midland Industries with your normal FFA amount. Please let us quote your next project or job that includes a ductile iron valve!

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Pre-order your new, full color catalog featuring over 40,000 items from our family of branded products including Buchanan Rubber hose and couplings, MAF domestically manufactured brass fittings, AMC retail and merchandising programs, and our line of fittings, valves, clamps, and accessories.

Midland Industries is the perfect fit of customer-driven solutions, smart technology, and deep product selection you need to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace.

To get more information on our new 2020 Midland Industries Catalog or to Pre-Order yours just visit our website at Midland Metal

Introducing the 9650 wafer-style and 9660 lug-style butterfly valves from Midland Industries. These ductile iron body valves are rated 200 PSI and come in two different disc and seat combinations. The nickel plate ductile iron disc with Buna-N seats will handle many different media at temperatures of up to 210 degrees. The CF8M 316 stainless steel disc with EPDM seats can be used in more harsh conditions while handling temperatures up to 180 degrees. The 10-position index plate allows for accurate flow rates when throttling the flow of the application.

Common stem size groupings means fewer stem extensions and replacement parts when it’s time for service. Our butterfly valves have an ISO rated top flange pattern allowing for easier, direct mount actuation applications. Whatever size and valve diameter you need, Midland Industries is sure have what you are looking for.

Innovative, efficient and reliable. Designed for a variety of applications.

  • “Non-Pinned” Disc Style Valve
  • Wafer Style Valves with Alignment Holes
  • Offering Includes Either NPDI/Buna or SS/EPDM disc and seat combinations
  • Stainless Steel 410 Stem
  • PTFE Bushings
  • 100% of Valves Hydrostatically Tested
  • ISO 5211 Top Flange
  • Factory Pre-Set Gear Drives
  • 9660 Series Lug Style also in stock!

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