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A New Family of Companies working Together

ROSEMONT, Ill. — Wynnchurch Capital, LLC (“Wynnchurch”) announced today that it has rebranded its industrial distribution platform as Midland Industries. The platform consists of Anderson Metals, Midland Metal Mfg., Buchanan Rubber, and Mid-America Fittings. Midland Industries is a leading North American distributor and manufacturer of valves, fittings, hoses, couplings, and related products.

“We set out to build a dynamic, growth-oriented company by combining leading businesses in the industrial distribution space and leveraging best practices across the platform,” said Vince Hodes, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Industries. “The new name helps us better communicate our culture and broad set of capabilities to our customers. We’re committed to providing a comprehensive product offering, world class service, and no-hassle ordering.”

Hodes added, “The new brand and website reflect the company’s commitment to a unified strategy and we’re very bullish about the growth opportunities ahead.”

About Midland Industries:

Midland Industries is a leading distributor and manufacturer of more than 25,000 SKUs comprising fittings, couplings, valves, hoses, and related products. The company serves general industrial, hose, fluid power, plumbing, oil and gas, agriculture, water, truck and trailer, power transmission, original equipment manufacturers, and other end-markets. For more information, please visit: http://www.midlandindustries.com.

About Wynnchurch Capital:

Wynnchurch Capital, LLC, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, with offices in California and Canada, was founded in 1999, and is a leading middle-market private equity investment firm. Wynnchurch’s strategy is to partner with middle market companies in the United States and Canada that possess the potential for substantial growth and profit improvement. Wynnchurch Capital manages a number of private equity funds with $2.2 billion of committed capital under management and specializes in recapitalizations, growth capital, management buyouts, corporate carve-outs and restructurings. For more information, please visit: http://www.wynnchurch.com

Life can be summed up in percentile, for some of us 30% of our time is spent working, 28% might be spent sleeping, 2% on the phone, 1.5% of it in meetings etc…

While we can’t change the way you spend your time, we can change the amount of money you save when purchasing online.

Did you know that when you order online from Midlandmetal.com you save 5% every time? Every time. This means that while you may be spending some of that 30% at the office in front of a computer, you can also be saving 5% on that shiny new stainless steel braided lavatory connector you’ve had your eye on. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

Or while you slowly drift off to dreamland, dream of the 5% you could be saving off of our quality brass union forged tees, now available in that hard to find 3/4″ thread size.

On the phone with your boss or significant other? Casually mention the 5% they could be saving on a Drexel rubber-tip turbo nozzle. They might not appreciate it, but we will.

On top of the 5% you’re already saving, you can save an additional 2% if paying with a credit card.

We don’t care if you are working, sleeping, in a meeting or on the phone, that 7% will be there waiting for you – like a technological Siren song of savings. Ordering online is as easy as logging in to your Midland account and placing an order. If you have questions or need assistance, spend some of that 2% phone time with one of our helpful customer service reps to get started.

Midland Metal Mfg. announced Scott Bardreau has joined the company as Chief Sales Officer for their growing platform of companies which includes Anderson Metals Corp. and Buchanan Rubber Ltd.  Scott Bardreau possesses extensive industry experience across Plumbing and Heating, Industrial, Waterworks and Irrigation verticals. Bardreau spent the last 12 years with Matco-Norca in the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Prior to Matco-Norca,  he served in various management roles at Watts Water Technologies, in both wholesale and retail channels. Bardreau has over 35 years of industry experience. When asked about joining Midland Metal Mfg. Bardreau stated, “ Coming together with Wynnchurch Capital and Midland Metals Mfg. positions us for tremendous growth. There is a belief system here of working together as one across the platform, to build relationships, trust and a history of success with our business partners. It’s extremely exciting.” 

Wynnchurch Capital recently merged Midland Metal Mfg, Anderson Metals, and Buchanan Rubber Ltd. into the platform company that serves the industrial distribution markets.  CEO Vince Hodes said, “We are excited to welcome Scott onto our team and look forward to leveraging his leadership and expertise into many years of success”.


Whatever the size or scope of your business, Midland has a wide variety of custom catalog options to fit your needs. Using Midland’s newest catalog as a template, we completely customize the look of the catalog to better reach your customers. We currently offer three options; a digital copy, a book with a custom cover and a completely customized version including a custom cover and your business information at the bottom of each page. The process is simple and takes about a month to complete (times may vary due to the printer’s schedule). Work with our designer to customize a catalog that is unique and properly represents your company.

Option A: (FREE) Work with our designer to create a custom digital book in PDF format. Whether you value this option for its portability, its cost, or find it’s environmentally friendly nature refreshing (like a lung full of sweet sweet oxygen) this is the perfect choice if you don’t want to hassle with a printed copy and just want to get to the good stuff.

Option B: ($12 per book) Work with our designer to create a printed catalog with a Custom Cover. You like the heft of a good full sized catalog in your hand and know your customers do too. Choose this option if you feel like judging a book by its cover is perfectly natural. With no minimum quantity this is a great way to promote your company without a lot of cost. 2019 versions do not have pricing.

Option C: ($20 per book – 25 minimum) Work with our designer to create a printed catalog with a Custom Cover and Personalized Pages. You want the satisfaction of having each page lovingly branded with your logo and contact information. Your customers don’t need to waste time searching for your website address because it’s right there, at the foot of almost every page. Pricing can be added and modified (restrictions apply).

If you would like to get custom catalogs of your own, have questions or concerns, click here to get more information.

The private-label business strategy has proven to be a challenging one for many distributors.  Some barriers to success, like significant cash investment for an initial stock order, or not enough marketing support and resources, have kept too many distributors from launching a private label program that brings a positive return on investment.

Rodney Sandoz is the owner of Long Beach Fastener Supply.  In 2008, as the market was slowing into recession, his sales began to drop and his inventory level began to climb.  As a result, his cash flow was suffering and he was having issues financing his operation.  His customers were feeling the squeeze from the market and were taking measures to consolidate vendors in an effort to increase efficiency and profitability.  His customers loved doing business with him but they needed him to offer more product lines to remain a more viable vendor. So, Rodney was faced with a challenge; he needed to add more products to his offering but he didn’t have the cash flow to finance it and he needed to find a solution quickly.  He began researching options for new product lines, scouring product catalogs, talking to sales reps, inquiring at buying group shows, and talking with friendly competitors.  He finally found the solution with Midland Metal’s Private Label Shipping program.

He discovered that he could add a full line of fittings, valves, clamps, & accessories, over 13,000 items, without having to invest one dollar in inventory.  Rodney used the custom branded catalog to market the product line to his customers.  When he received orders from his customers, he entered the orders on midlandmetal.com where he received an additional 5% discount.  Then, Midland shipped the orders direct to his customers with no reference to Midland.  Private-labeled packages are shipped in generic boxes, and a generic UPS label.  The product labels, packing slip, return shipping information, are custom branded with the Long Beach Fastener Supply brand.  Rodney would receive timely order acknowledgments, shipment notification with tracking number, and invoices from Midland.  He would then bill his customer and collect as he normally would.  The result was Rodney serviced his customers with a robust new product offering, the orders were shipped ,and Rodney billed his customer at a very profitable margin.  He did all this without having to invest any capital into inventory, marketing, or additional overhead.  Long Beach Fastener Supply sales increased incrementally year-over -year through the recession and have continued to achieve double digit growth annually since.

Midland Metal shipped over 15,000 private labeled packages for our customers this year. Midland customers trust us with their customers. We strive to promote your brand and help build your business by being the silent partner in the background working to promote your company and provide the technology, sales, & marketing tools you need to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. We don’t put our name on anything, so you can put your name on everything – helping you build your brand and assist you in marketing these products to your customers.  Drive up your profits — not your inventory costs.

I’m always interested in your feedback.  You can e-mail me at Billy@midlandmetal.com or call me at 1-800-821-5725


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