Custom Solutions

Our Custom solutions division wants to create value for customers by taking on significant aspects of your engineering and fabrication opportunities. We will coordination engineering, quality control, quotations and process development. We will ensure proper application of engineering practices, procedures and criteria while making cerain the project goals of cost, quality, and timeliness are met.

OEM Specified fittings and valves at generic prices

We can produce fittings and valves made to your specifications! Just send a print and/or sample with your delivery requirements and we will quote a custom price from one of our domestic or overseas factories on your fitting(s) and/or valve(s).

Any material, any size, any shape, any volume

Once you approve our price, we will then require a blanket purchase order based on sample approval. We will then stock these items under a separate part number for your access only. We guarantee delivery on time, everytime.

Email to get started.