How do I login?

Use either the login in the upper left corner or the account manager link right below the Midland Metal Icon.

How do I search for products?

There are several ways to search for products; the category names on the left side of the page, select a product category or by typing in a description in the product search bar.

Can I search by competitor part number?

On the left side of the page there is a search by competitor part number box. Type the competitor part number in and if there is a match, any possible match will show up with pictures and our part numbers.

Can I get a copy of my current pricing in an excel spreadsheet?

Yes. Login to the website and there is a box the shows Download current pricing.

How can I see stock and pricing without placing an order?

Midway down the left side of the screen is a search for product code box. Type the part number in and you will see stock availability and pricing for all locations. You can also add items to the cart to start building your order.

Can I order using my part number?

Yes, there is a place to enter your part number alongside Midland's number. Once you enter your number and save your order you will be able to enter future orders using your part number. You can also enter or change your part numbers using the mange part numbers link on the account manager screen.

What is your freight paid amount?

Orders $1500 and above qualify for free freight.

Do you have a minimum?

There is no order minimum if you place it through the website. If you phone or fax it is a $50 minimum with a $5 handling fee.

What does Call MO mean?

It means we don't have enough stock to fulfill your order.

Can I order from another warehouse?

Yes, there is an availability column in the order screen, if there isn't stock in the location you're currently ordering from there is a drop down box that will show if there is stock in any other location. Click on the location you would like to order from and your order will be split. You will be responsible for freight from all locations if the order doesn't qualify for free freight.

Can I follow up on backorders?

Yes, on the right side of the screen there is a link called orders. Click on that and search for the PO in question, click on the detail link, everything open on that PO will show up on the screen. In the upper right corner is a red link that allows you to email your requests. If you don't see the PO in question check the invoices link, the order may have shipped and billed.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. The invoices link has the will show everything that has been shipped and billed including a UPS link for tracking. If the invoice has been paid it will not appear here, it is archived.