Bin Labels on Demand

Now you can create and print personalized Bin Labels on demand for any product that Midland carries. Labels can be customized with your logo or name. Multiple sizes available.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Printer: Laser (prefered) or Inkjet, Labels: 2.625" x 1" 30 Labels per sheet or 4" x 2" 10 Labels per sheet. Label ordering details

Step 1 - create and save a file

Create a list of product codes that you would like labels for. You can use Excel or any database program that can save files as comma or tab delimited TXT file.

Field(1)->Midland's Part Number
Field(2)->Your reference number

Step 2 - personalize

Upload your Company logo (jpeg up to 50kb) or just use your Company name.

Step 3 - upload data

Find and Upload an Excel or text delimited(Comma, Tab) file.

Step 4 - select label

Samples of each label type will be presented. Just select the one you want and click "Generate labels..."

Step 5 - open file and print

PDF will begin downloading. Open file and print.

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