Your Brand is OUR Business

Midland strives to promote your brand and help build your business by being the silent partner in the background working to promote your brand. We do not put our name on anything, so we can put your name on everything - helping you build your brand and assisting you in marketing these products to your customers.

Use Midland's customized suite of MARKETING TOOLS to expand and grow your business! We offer all the resources for marketing, order gathering and shipping. SCHEDULE A SALES MEETING WITH MIDLAND TO LEARN MORE.

Download the full marketing packet here.

Print custom catalogs with your brand, your pricing and your contact information.
An unbranded sales and marketing tool. Use it to provide customer's with product specifications, pictures and pricing.
Create and print personalized bin labels with your brand to affix to bin boxes. Helps with reorders and managing your warehouse.
Use the app to scan bin labels on location to quickly reorder, check stock and pricing. Save orders to submit later. Download ios app here and android
Private label shipments with your logo on boxes, packing slips and product labels...shipped how you want it, today!