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 Brass Fittings
 DOT approved fittings
 Lead Free Offering
 Sch. 40 Brass Nipples
 Bronze Fittings
 Lead Free Bronze
 Sch. 40 Stainless Steel Nipples
 Stainless Steel fittings
 Sch. 40 Steel Nipples
 Malleable Iron fittings
 Sch. 80 Seamless Nipples
 Extra Heavy Malleable Fittings
 Forged Steel Fittings and Flanges
 Bull Plugs and Swage Nipples
 Copper Fittings
 Aluminum Fittings
 Plastic Fittings
 Cam and Groove
 Hose Accessories
 Truck and Trailer
 Stops and Connectors

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